Breastfeeding & Expressing Mums Bucket List

Breastfeeding & Expressing Mums Bucket List

Having a breastfeeding bucket list can really help inspire you to keep going. It can help build up your self confidence each time you tick off one of your targets. Here are some ideas you could add to your own bucket list.

1. Strive to get as much support possible to establish and continue breastfeeding. See: Support article

2. Take photos and selfies of you breastfeeding (just for your own personal albums). It’s certainly great to look back on.

3. Take a #milkdrunk photo of your baby – so amazing!

4. Build up your milk supply. It’s recommended to set up a routine to stick to with short frequent sessions as simulating a newborn's feeding routine helps produce more milk. On average newborn’s breastfeed around 8 – 14 times in 24 hours. While each pumping session may take 10-20 minutes the length of time will vary with each mum.

5. Double pump to save time. Double pumping reduces the pumping time by half making it more efficient.

6. Avoid the worry about milk leakage when out and about. Invest in some good breast pads.

7. Meet and get to know other mums. Go to at least one mums group or baby group. The next aim could be going to the second!

8. If returning to work aim to continue giving your baby your breastmilk.

9. Donate to a milk bank. Donating your breast milk helps to save the lives of premature and sick babies. See UKAMB for more information.

The most important aspects of our lives are our experiences. In the end, after each experience that you tick off your list, congratulate yourself. Keep a post-bucket list of all the times that made you feel that you achieved something or that just made you happy– and they will never cease to inspire and guide you.

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