4 Remarkable Birth Stories

4 Remarkable Birth Stories

Every woman’s birth story is unique but sometimes there are some that are unusual, inspirational and awe inspiring. Here we share a few of our favourites of 2016 so far.

Midwife Rode Inflatable Swan Through Flooded Street To Reach Woman In Labour

This is a fab story of an amazing midwife who was determined to reach a mum in labour. Most expectant mums would hope their midwife would go the extra mile like this if needed.

Via Huffingtonpost.co.uk

Would you want your dilation details sent to a stranger?

This story tells how when a new grandmother sent a text to the wrong number while her daughter-in-law was giving birth, it became a special part of the day with an extraordinary outcome involving the stranger she was texting.

And the baby is now arriving at Platform 13!

A Mother gave birth on a train at St Pancras station after going in to labour two weeks early. As reported, it’s certainly an unusual place to give birth. The story inspired lots of jokes about early arrivals at a train station!

Fastest birthrecorded

A new mum from Dundee is all set to approach the GuinnessBook of Records after she gave birth to her first child in just 5 minutes.

Via Madeformums.com

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