Promotional Pens Australia from 0.42c - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide

No smoke and mirrors

At About Pens, our goal is to assist you with the most hassle free purchase when it comes to promotional pens. That’s why we are one of the few promo pen companies to include all standard costs in our pricing We understand that our customers just want to know the bottom line when it comes to pricing, and we won’t try to fool you into thinking that our prices are lower by omitting the other necessary costs. So set up, one colour print, GST and delivery are all included.

APO5 Special – from 0.42c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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With a colourful solid colour barrel, the APO5 is a slick, click action promotional pen.It has white coloured pocket clip & accents, with matching colour ribbed comfort grip in either Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple or Red. Colour assortment allowed at no extra cost.

APO4 Special – from 0.42c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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This is the “write” tool for promotional success and the name says it all… POPULAR!!.A popular retractable ball pen with universal appeal and unbeatable value. Generous print areas on both barrel and clip. Great contrast between the white barrel and the choice of 6 coloured clips and plungers. Black ink refill as standard. Assortment allowed at no extra cost.

APO1 Special – from 0.42c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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Put the “fun” in functional with these colourful CALYPSO ballpoint pens!Contemporary silver foil pen with black trim. Also features a comfortable rubber dimple grip in 6 vibrant colours.

One of the best quality, low budget, promotional pens on the market. Black ink refill as standard. Assortment allowed at no extra cost.

APO7 Special – from 0.26c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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17 Fabulous colours available, long life, and sturdy construction are all features of the APO7.Colours: White, Black, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Burgundy, Red, Magenta, Beige, White with Black, White with Dark or Light Blue, White with Red.

Colour assortment allowed at no extra cost.

APO3 Special – from $1.24 ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

The elegant AP03 is a triangular-shaped pen featuring a long life Cross type black ink cartridge. This pen is available in several rich colours with the option of either a plastic barrel with silver trim (AP03-P in Mid Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, Red, Silver or Black) or a full metal pen with gold trim (AP03-M available in Blue, Burgundy, Gun Metal or Dark Green).A great design and comfortable triangular grip makes it a popular pen for both male and female. Advertising on pens places your message in front of the marketplace, and what better way to do it than with an elegant AP03.

APO3-P from only $1.24 each, and APO3-M from only $2.05 each ** PLUS FREE 10% of your order on top (eg, order 1000 pens and get an extra 100 pens FREE!!)

APO2 Special – from 0.62c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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The Stylus pen is a great 2 in 1 pen. A twist-action ballpoint pen with a medium point, black ink cartridge, and a super smooth high impact resin stylus endpoint for use on any PDA, POS (Point of Sale) touch screen.Consider all of the colour selections too… this pen has a lot to say! Show your advertising message with all the eye-catching colours available with the APO2. This may be a cheap pen… but only in price!

APO2 from only 62c each ** PLUS FREE 10% of your order on top (eg, order 1000 pens and get an extra 100 pens FREE!!)

APO8 Special – from 0.69c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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Improve your image with one of these printed, MODERN retractable ballpoint Pens clipped to your pocket. Personalize your step ahead with the latest featured executive style pocket clip and metallic shiny silver accents.Includes: Slim straight colour body; Executive style pocket clip; Shiny silver accents; Click action open tip pen; and Shiny silver double centre ring accents.

APO9 Special – from 0.69c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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If you are looking for a stylish and cheap customized pen, these SPARKLER pens might be just for you. These cheap customized pens are not only durable and designed to last for years to come, but they are also stylish so that your customers can be proud to use them.These pens feature a unique design that has a bold color of your choice as well as cut out accents on the grip to add a boost to the overall look and feel of the pen. The silver accents are sophisticated and add value that you can expect from all of the customized promotional products you find with us.

AP10 Special – from 0.42c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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This unique crystal clear custom printed promotional pen is a popular selection for our customers. The crystal clear design is fresh and stylish, ensuring that your customers will appreciate your eye for creativity and design.The soft transparent body and grip are similarly coloured and accented by your choice of a bold colour, which will appear through the semi-transparent body and grip.

APO6 Special – from 0.70c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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The Cheapest metal pen on the market! This groovy slim line pen, called ‘Advantage’ has a modern dimple rubber grip.Lightweight and comfortable to write with, it will become your client’s favourite pen. Presented in a clear cello sleeve.

AP11 Special – from 0.57c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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Metallic paint gives this pen a fabulous sheen, maybe that’s why it is called ‘FANTASTICO’.Light weight, with a modern grooved grip and a matt silver trim…your branding will look fantastic on this pen.

AP12 Special – from 0.69c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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This pen, ‘Image’, is a HOT favourite.One of our best sellers and a guarantee repeat order. Modern grooved grip. Comfortable and easy writing. This pen is sure to please.

AP13 Special – from 0.75c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

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‘Montego’ is a stylish pen. The bold silver accents add class to the already sleek design.Very comfortable to write with and features a large print area for those who have a big message to tell.

AP53 Special – from 0.87c ea

** PLUS 10% extra free

ap53*Click for full pricing*
Promote your Company with the ‘Duo’, the pen that doubles as a pen and a smart device that allows you to navigate your touch screen with ease.Customers will have your Company logo in the palm of their hand, several times a day.

Time tested

The best test of any good business is the test of time. Considering more than 80% of businesses fail in their first year, the fact that we’re still going strong after more than 21 years in business speaks for itself. Our customers come back to us time and time again because we still offer the best products , prices and service in the industry.

The power of a pen

Never underestimate the power of a pen. Why else would someone coin the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword”? There are three important reasons why pens are such effective marketing tools:

1) A pen is something businesses use without fail several times a day
2) Because promo pens are useful, they create a positive association with the giver
3) Every time someone uses your printed promotional pen they develop familiarity with your business and are therefore more likely to contact you above anyone else if they require your product or service.