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Brand Pens

Following ar three ways the correct business pen selections can help build your brand. Today’s competitive market makes it essential for companies of all sizes to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Global economies and the internet mean stiff competition for consumer attention. Brand pens for your business can help you build your brand in a cost-effective, functional way.

Logo Recognition and the Business Pen

brand-pensOne component of brand recognition is a well-established logo. Think Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Nike. These are companies with stellar logo recognition, and while pens will not skyrocket your logo to that level, they can be a good place to start. Getting your logo out among consumers is the first step. Signage, Facebook pages and websites are all ways to do this, but providing pens with your logo on them gets your brand into individual homes and offices. Many people will not visit your website on a daily basis, but chances are they use a pen frequently.

Go-To Branding

A lot can be said for subconscious thought processes. Someone may love the haircut and style provided by a certain salon, but be only vaguely aware of a note of dissatisfaction with his or her overall salon experience. They might think over each step of the service, noting the friendly, skilled staff and short wait time. What the individual does not realize is that they did not care for the background music playing in the shop, and that coloured the entire experience.

You can encourage similar subconscious branding by providing your consumer base with handy, quality pens. When they need a pen to jot a note or sign papers, they reach out and find your company, ready to help them. Obviously, no one thinks of it in this manner, but when a pen with your logo consistently provides a service, your company gets at least a small portion of the subconscious credit.

Word of Hand Marketing

Word of mouth is a stellar advertising strategy, but with a constant barrage of information, it is not always likely Sally will remember which plumber Suzie recommended. If Suzie has an extra pen laying around with the company logo and phone number on it, however, word of mouth advertising becomes work of hand marketing. A pen can change hands many times before the ink runs dry, so providing customers with a few business pens can result in exposure to dozens of people.

A business pen is a great way to market your business, build loyalty and provide customers with a useful item. There are enough pen choices that companies of any size can make room in the budget for this marketing item. Thank customers for their loyalty, encourage new contacts and launch your logo with the help of a solid business pen selection.